AMD shared graphics memory


I would like to purchase a Dell Vostro 3535 laptop, and install Ubuntu to run experiments with PTB:
Dell Vostro specs

It has an AMD Ryzen 7 5825U 8-core Processor with RadeonGraphics, and when looking into the details I found that the GPU has “shared graphics memory”, which means that it does not have its own dedicated memory, but shares the main system RAM with the CPU.

Could this lead to any issues with running PTB?

Here is some more information on the CPU:
Ryzen-7 5825U

Any advice would be much appreciated. We use PTB mainly to present images, so nothing complicated.

Should be perfectly fine for most/typical use cases like yours. PTB got tested with multiple AMD iGPU’s with shared memory, one of them very similar to this one, and performance was good. My main development and test machine uses Ryzen5 2400G from early 2019’ish with shared graphics memory and performance is good enough for almost everything i need, save maybe demanding VR applications or high resolution 4k HDR movie playback with more than 30 fps.


That’s great to hear, thank you very much for your fast response!