How to simply create 2D texture for 3D OpenGL rendering?

Hi all,

I tried to draw a rectangle in the 3D cloud at some position(x,y,z). But I really don’t know which function can be used to draw, the demo(CylinderAnnulusOpenGLDemo.m) is difficult, and it is not suitable for me. It seems I should use functions like maketexture, getOpengltexture, drawtexture. But I don’t know how to combine them.

Thanks for your help!


Look at MinimalisticOpenGLDemo.m for how the surface texture of the rotating earth is created via maketexture, getopengltexture etc. ShepardZoomDemo.m has a more complex variant of it, which automatically builds a image resolution pyramid for high quality mip-mapping. The standard by-the-OpenGL-textbook approach would also work, although less convienient, cfe. SpinningCubeDemo..

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Thanks for your help. MinimalisticOpenGLDemo.m is really useful.