Monoscopic HMD display with headPosition readout?


I managed to set up my Oculus Rift CV1 so that demos work properly (win10, ptb3.0.18).

I don’t want any fancy 3D rendering, just a simple text in front of me, that counterrotates as I turn my head (eg. it rotates cw as I turn my head ccw, so basically the text remains upright).
So I would set up the hmd and open a window as usual…

hmd = PsychVRHMD(‘AutoSetupHMD’, ‘Monoscopic’);
[win, rect] = PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’, screenid, [0,0,0]);

…and read out head position before drawing and flipping, so I can adjust the angle. But the only function I found that reads out head position is ‘PrepareRender’…

state = PsychVRHMD(‘PrepareRender’, hmd);

…that indeed gives me the position in the state struct, but also transposes everything into a 3D environment.

Is there any way to read out this data but suppress any change in rendering?


Using tracking in purely non-tracked “Monoscopic/Stereoscopic display” mode wasn’t an anticipated use case. If you want me to spend up to 30 minutes seeing if there is a workaround for reading the data while suppressing changes in rendering, help PsychPaidSupportAndServices should tell you how to buy a paid support membership and show proof of payment.