Octave 7.3 cannot recognize the io64.mex file and parPluse.mex file

I am using the PTB in Octave 7.3 on win11, and try to send trigger by io64 function. But Octave cannot find the model of io64.mexw64 file (which worked on Matlab 2023b). Then, I tried the parPulse.mex, but the same error 126 pop-up.

The opengl32.dll has been deleted as the office guidance.

Is there something wrong with my Octave 7.3? Why the mex file cannot be opened in it and get the same error message?


Have you Google-translated the error message? Because it does not make any sense.
Anyway, MEX files for Matlab are incompatible with MEX files for Octave. Furthermore, Octave MEX files are specific to the Octave version (at least the major version, I hope).

Thanks~ This make sense why the io64 function cannot be called in Octave.

I download the parPulse.mex file in the office page, is it possible that the file is incompatible with Octave 7.3.

parPulse for Octave 6.2

I searched the error message, and also tried to fix it as the tutorial suggested, such as using the Dependency walker to find the missed .dll, and put the missed .dll file into the enviornmental path for win64 (c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\SysWOW64). But it still not worked.

Is there any replaced method to send triggers on Octave 7.3 (win11)?

Please try with parPulse for Octave 7.3.

It’s worked!

Thank you so much ~