Paid user support suspended until sometimes August 2023

Today with the release, my mid-summer vacation started. For the first time in 15+ years I’ll have a vacation outside my flat, not surrounded by computers, on an actual beach on an island. Hopefully the first vacation that won’t get at least partially ruined by Psychtoolbox like all vacations in the past 5 years. I intend to be offline and without any computer during this time.

So all paid user support is suspended to at likely at least mid August. My boss, responsible for all user support sales and license management, will probably also go on vacation sometimes August/September (I don’t know if and when). This means that labs who don’t already have a fully paid, valid and activated user support membership possibly won’t be able to get any support throughout August or even into September, until he is back.

Enjoy your summer, I hopefully will.

Happy trails. Enjoy your holiday