Psychtoolbox release "Experimental Taylor expansion " SP5

Psychtoolbox 3.0.18 Beta update "Experimental Taylor expansion " SP5 was released at 22nd May 2022. As usual, the complete development history can be found in our GitHub repository.

The release tag is “”, with the full tree and commit logs under the URL:

A minor update for macOS Octave compatibility, help/status text updates and to mention our new user survey.


  • Reword text for our new commercial support.
  • Add a mention of our ongoing user survey 2022, ask for participation.


  • Rebuild 64-Bit Octave mex files so that they should work on both Octave-6.3/6.4 and the new Octave-7.1 from HomeBrew.
  • Minor improvements to Screen() status messages.


  • Update some help texts wrt. hybrid graphics support. Some more configurations are verified to work with proper timing, e.g., AMD iGPU + NVidia dGPU Optimus style.
  • Update help PsychLinuxConfiguration.


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