Psychtoolbox Beta update “Experimental Taylor expansion” SP1

This very minor release contains some minor improvements for Linux, and in the future for Windows. The main benefit is proper line-endcaps for anti-aliased lines on AMD gpu on future Linux distributions with Mesa 22.0 or later.


  • Fix AUX buffer fallback in Screen, so MSAA anti-aliasing can be used again without full imaging-pipeline enabled. This was broken due to changes of AUX buffer support in graphics drivers over the last decade. The same fix applies to MS-Windows, but I can’t do a full rebuild of Screen on Windows atm., only for Octave, so this is only “inofficially” fixed for now on Octave-6.4 + Windows.
  • LinesDemo.m: Request 1xMSAA, so drawing of anti-aliased lines works with nice perpendicular endcaps on AMD + Linux on future Mesa 22.0 and later, e.g., likely on upcoming Ubuntu 22.04-LTS.
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