Psychtoolbox released

Minor bug fixes / compatibility improvements, mostly to make Ubuntu 22.04-LTS
“Jammy Jellyfish” as beginner friendly as possible.


  • Detect if the Screen() function (for X11/GLX Linux) is executed under a Wayland based desktop GUI, which would run it under XWayland, which would end badly. Warn user, error abort with troubleshooting tips → Logout and login into a X11/Xorg native X-Server session. This to deal with the new default choice of a Wayland-based desktop environment under Ubuntu 22.04-LTS,
    which leads to “failure by default”.


  • Improve postinstall routine to skip sync tests while rebuilding the fontconfig cache on Window or macOS, as sync failure could cause a false error and failure to rebuild the fontconfig cache. Spotted on Windows, but may also apply to macOS.