Psychtoolbox experiments on iPad?

Dear All,

I have a couple of experiments I programmed in Matlab and Psychtoolbox. Is there any way I can run them on an iPad? If so, where can I find more info about migrating the experiments? Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. It’s an urgent matter.

Thank you,

If you want a high-performance / reliability / precision solution, the answer is no. Apple macOS is the worst choice for that, and Apple iOS is impossible for both technical reasons, and legal reasons - aka Apple being Apple. I think iPad’s are a really bad choice if one needs flexibility and control.

If you want to run PTB experiments on a tablet, then tablets that can run Linux optimal are best.

Tablets that run Windows-10 may be feasible for many tasks. Visual/Auditory timing is often a bit compromised due to Windows-10 device driver bugs, especially when the tablet uses Intel onboard graphics chips. Nothing we could do about it. Touch input is not possible beyond mouse emulation - a severely flawed approach if trustworthiness or precision is needed. We do offer a crowd-funding atm. to address this issue, but so far the community seems to be uninterested, lethargic or unwilling to pay up even a tiny amount for proper touchscreen support on Windows, despite the fact that this was a frequently demanded feature… Over 280 people viewed that post, but only 2 labs paid a minimum contribution, so we will hold back this feature until somebody pays for it. See: On sale / Crowdfunding: Basic touchscreen support for Microsoft Windows - #3 by mariokleiner

There’s also this upcoming (afaik not yet a public service offereing) Matlab+PTB in the cloud development from VPixx, which sounds promising for experiments with low demands for timing etc.: