PTB community member sticker 2023 included in current support membership offer?

I proudly show my community membership sticker on all my first slides in teaching for some years now. It is always a bit odd to use the sticker of the previous year so I try to get the current one in time. If I use the current offer of the support membership: do I get the sticker for 2022 and 2023 in January?

Great. I just asked the boss, and he says not yet, it is still the 2022 sticker. New sticker still needs to be drawn by the one person or so who can draw.

Update: I’m told that the member sticker is now up to date for 2023 since 9th February 2023.

Our christmas discount on the membership has turned into a new-year / winter discount. We’ll keep that up for the remainder of February to give labs a last chance to do the right thing for cheap, now that they should have their funding for 2023 available and decision makers may have recovered from potential christmas food coma. So far a disappointing number of only 30 labs have contributed, in line with disappointing sales from late 2020, 2021 and 2022, suggesting the whole membership program is another failure and this is not the way to financially sustain PTB.