Random September announcements

  • Today starts my “summer vacation”, apparently just perfectly timed for this hot sunny summer for the first time in many weeks to cool down and become rainy and pretty “unsummery”. This means that any kind of paid user support, troubleshooting etc. is hereby suspended until late September.

  • Ubuntu 20.04.5-LTS was released last week, the presumably 5th and final service pack / point release with the final hardware enablement stack (hwe) for Ubuntu 20.04. This comes with a Linux kernel upgrade to Linux 5.15 if hwe kernels are selected. Unfortunately Canonical hasn’t yet quite upgraded Ubuntu to Linux 5.15.56 with my latest bug fixes, although they are slowly approaching that goal. This means that the current Ubuntu 20.04.5-LTS kernel will break VPixx and CRS visual stimulation devices under AMD graphics cards of the Polaris and Vega gpu family. Iow., the brokeness got backported from Ubuntu 22.04 to 20.04.5. If you have a VPixx/CRS stimulator and a AMD Polaris/Vega graphics card, refrain from upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 or to 20.04.5-LTS, or for the latter, from installing Linux 5.15 kernel packages during software updates – uncheck the boxes on the corresponding items to stick to the older pre-5.15 kernels for the time being. Ubuntu 20.04-LTS users always can downgrade to earlier 20.04 kernels though to undo potential trouble. Users of earlier or later models of AMD graphics cards are unaffected. Non Vpixx/CRS users with AMD hardware otoh. will be able to enjoy the new 12 bpc framebuffer support brought by Linux 5.15 on all half-way recent AMD models.

  • The NeuroDebian Linux Psychtoolbox packages have now caught up with our upstream releases and are at version

  • Our user survey still has disappointingly low participation, only about 115 responses after multiple months, although at least 500 people have seen the call for participation on Youtube, Twitter and this forum alone. We need way more responses of high quality and detail for future decision making about our business model. Please participate! It will also give you a small discount on the …

  • …purchase of a Psychtoolbox paid support membership, should your lab decide to buy one, which any lab should do once a year, if you want to keep PTB alive. So far the outcome of this is extremely disappointing. This is supposed to be our main funding source, and so far it doesn’t even cover 1/25th of what it would have to cover for even most basic mid-term sustainability, not even talking about proper funding or long-term sustainability.

And with that, I will check out for the next weeks and leave this place completely to the volunteers to deal with.


Enjoy your holiday!

Denis Pelli
Professor of Psychology & Neural Science, New York University

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