Run Psychtoolbox Studies online!

Hello PTB community,

Did you know you can run Psychtoolbox studies online? Collect data remotely using your existing code, with little to no modifications. You can:

  • Access broader or special populations
  • Collect data rapidly
  • Replicate in-lab studies with ease
  • Train and/or screen participants remotely for upcoming in-lab studies

VPixx Technologies has created a tool called LabMaestro Pack&Go which allows you to upload your study to our remote server, then run experiments on your participant’s browser. All your participant needs is a computer and a stable internet connection. We offer Prolific integration, so you can recruit from a wide population using your Prolific account. You can also generate and distribute participation links directly to your participants.

Because we host the studies on our own servers, you will find most code needs little to no modification to run online. Your main experiment file must be a script, and all code and files required for the study must be zipped into a folder for upload-- that’s it.

While streaming-based studies are not suitable for all psychophysical applications, they have been used successfully for some paradigms like perception of pain in facial expressions (Saumure et al., 2023). If you have any doubts about whether your study is suitable for Pack&Go, our team of staff scientists and engineers can advise you.

Pack&Go uses a credit system so that users only pay for the data they collect. Uploading and testing studies is free. For more details, please check out LabMaestro Pack&Go or contact us at

From all of us at VPixx Technologies, we wish you success in your research!

-Lindsey Fraser, Staff Scientist, VPixx Technologies