setResolution doesn't work properly on Ubuntu 22.04

I am on Ubuntu 22.04 and running Psychtoolbox 3.0.18.

For my experiment I am using 2 Displays, which were organized using XOrgConfCreator. In computer settings I set the refresh rate of the display to 100Hz. To be sure that the refresh rate is in fact 100 Hz, I also set it in Psychtoolbox using setResolution(1, 1920, 1080, 100). However, it doesn’t work, when I run the code for the first time after starting computer. hz = Screen('FrameRate', 1, 1) returns 60 Hz. What is confusing, is that it will work at some point, if I run setResolution many times without rebooting my computer.

Do you know, how to fix this issue?

I’m having the same problem.

Before XOrgConfCreator, the frame rate can be set to 144 Hz in the Ubuntu display settings.
After XOrgCongCreator and XOrgConfSelector, frame rate of the motnitor is set as 60Hz, hz = Screen('FrameRate', 1, 1)
I tried to change it by mode = 2 option as Screen('FrameRate', 1, 2, 144) , but it failed.
Is it possible to change the frame rate when the display setting was configured by XOrgConfCreator?

Ubuntu 20.04.4LTS
MATLAB 2020b
PTB 3.0.17

@ksgfan Quick testing of PTB on AMD + Ubuntu 22.04 and Intel + Ubuntu 20.04 with SetResolution() + Screen('Framerate') showed no obvious problem under the standard Ubuntu desktop, also not immediately after a reboot. The graphical display settings GUI’s usually only allow setup of X-Screen 0 and ignores additional X-Screens, but SetResolution seems to work fine.

@lattice Use SetResolution for X-Screen’s with a single display attached. Use Screen('ConfigureDisplays', 'Scanout', ...) for multiple displays on a single X-Screen, e.g., dual-display stereo setups. PTB 3.0.17 is end-of-life btw.

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@mariokleiner Thank you for your quick reply! Now I can change the ‘FrameRate’ of the second display (for stimulus presentation) from 60 Hz to 144 Hz, using Screen('ConfigureDisplay', 'Scanout', 1, 0, [], [], 144). And I update the PTB version to 3.0.18.

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If your stimulus display is only a single display, SetResolution(1, 1920, 1080, 144), e.g., for 1920x1080@144Hz is preferable for people who are forced to use lesser operating-systems occasionally, as that should work cross-platform on MS-Windows or macOS as well, whereas the more fine-grained ‘ConfigureDisplay’ method is Linux only.