What GPUs don't dither?

So I am wondering what GPU/kernel version do not dither in Linux?

I currently have the following GPUs to choose from.
Radeon Rx 6600xt
Radeon w3200
Radeon w5500
Rtx 4070ti
Rtx 2080 super
Quadro rtx 4000 / 5000
Rtx a4000
(Also open to other GPUs too - those are just ones I currently own)

Can I please get some insight on what GPUs are safe to use but also with what kernel version to go with it? (And any other setting/driver tweaking needed?)

Trying to put together a few systems that are dithering free.

Thank you

See my comments under Current graphics card recommendations - #22 by mariokleiner

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Thank you.

To anyone reading this, the reason I am after this is because I am severely sensitive to temporal dithering / frc. It causes negative visual and neurological symptoms for me and many others (on other forums). Iā€™m not a neuroscience researcher or anything just came here looking for info to turn off dithering completely since it seems to be talked about here. I also am open to anyone wanting to learn more about this issue too if any researchers are interested in this issue that is plaguing alot of peoples health :slightly_smiling_face: