Wireless keypad latency

Windows 10, but also have Kubuntu on same machine.

Does anyone know if wireless 10-key pads have tolerably equivalent response latency compared to wired? With KbCheck unless there’s a better way. We are willing to tolerate some latency if it is a consistent amount, but preferably measurable amounts to compare. What is the best way to test this, HIDIntervalTest?

These also come in both wireless with a dongle and bluetooth versions, is one better? I imagine it may vary by brand. Does OS matter?

KeyboardLatencyTest in combination with a microphone allows some evaluation of your setup, comparing results from wired keyboard vs. wireless - more easily and reliably on Linux i suppose, as the timestamping accuracy of the sound driver will play into the results. You are measuring the combined timing error of the audio capture timing and the keyboard timing, so that would give you an upper bound on precision. Fiddly.

I’d assume that wireless will be worse, but that is just a gut feeling, as i haven’t ever tested that systematically. Ofc. even regular wired keyboards are usually not great, so errors are relative.


Awesome, thank you, I did not know about that test. I can let you know, when we get around to testing it.