Wrong with Snd.m in latest Psychtoolbox 3.0.19

Hi, experts, I am new to Psychtoolbox. I run a Matlab (2018b) program from others (make sure this program is right) correctly with Psychtoolbox 3.0.17. Then, I update Psychtoolbox to the latest version yesterday (3.0.19). Then I found that this line is wrong:
Snd(‘Play’, MakeBeep(500,.5));

and in MakeBeep.m with following (line33):
samplingRate = Snd(‘DefaultRate’);

in Snd.M with following (line 526):
err = get(player).SampleRate

The error message is “Cannot use indexing with {} or . to reference a function.”

Before or after updating Psychtoolbox, I don’t change any code or Matlab preference.
I have no idea whether this is a bug of Psychtoolbox or other problems?
My current solution is to annotating this code, in consideration of that its function is only to play a tip sound.
Do you have any other solutions? Thank you!

The Snd() implementation was changed in a recent 3.0.19 release, and tested for compatibility with Octave 5 and later, and Matlab R2022b. Maybe it isn’t compatible with your older R2018b which I can’t test anymore due to lack of access to licenses.

Does it work if you change line 526 of Snd.m to the following?

err = get(player, 'SampleRate');