Can iMAC 21.5" install Win10, on where run PTB-3.0.17?

I know about that, there are some problems using PTB3.0.17 on macOS10.15.7. But I need to work with iMAC, so I want to make sure that, can iMAC 21.5" install Win10 on where run PTB-3.0.17?

google how to install windows (or linux preferably) on your machine, and if its possible. If you get either installed and working well, there would indeed be a higher chance that you can run PTB successfully on your machine

Thank you for your reply. macOS may be able to install windows, how to operate it I need to consult.

I do not understand what you are saying. You should install Windows/Linux directly on the machine, NOT in a virtual machine or something like that

You can visit Appleā€™s website, find out how to install windows10 on the mac .