Is macOS Monterey supported?

Dear all,

I would like to know if macOS Monterey is supported by the latest PTB3 version.

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Not officially tested or supported in any case of trouble. I believe some people use ptb with it though, so probably works ok’ish enough for them. So far i lack the equipment or any paying contract to look into it, and financial support from our dear users is still extremely poor - somebody has to pay the work…

Apple Silicon M1 Macs with their proprietary Apple gpu’s are troublemakers though, i’d stay away from them, at least if precise and trustworthy visual stimulation timing is required. Maybe in a year or so, Asahi Linux will be ready as a working dual-boot alternative for Apple M1’s, they seem to make good progress porting Linux to M1, with an easy way to install a dual-boot, and more typical compute/desktop applications apparently already working usable, but gpu acceleration for the visual stuff and especially visual timing isn’t there yet.

I am using PTB with it. So, far, it is working fine for me.

thanks for the reply! I might then update my system.