Does Psychtoolbox work under Mac M3 chip?

Hi all.
I was wondering, if PTB works under mac m3 chip or not.
I would like some opinions from who actually tried installing PTB under m3 chip or from the developers.
Appreciated for reading.

Psychtoolbox does not support Apple Silicon. However, I have installed Matlab (Intel) and it runs with Psychtoolbox ok under Rosetta 2 on an M3 MacbookPro. You cannot use the standard ARM version of Matlab with Psychtoolbox.

By “ok” I simply mean I can mock up code. It would not be at all suitable for running experiments. Note again Apple Silicon is not supported at the current time and it is unclear when / if it will be.

You will likely be told to “upgrade” to Linux etc. and various other less than helpful remarks.

I am aware of other folk on the forum who use Matlab (Intel) and Psychtoolbox in the same way as I have described.

Your mileage might vary depending on what you are doing.

Hi, I encounter issues with making PTB work with Matlab 2024b on my Macbook M3 Max. I tried to install various versions of Matlab (Intel) on my device hoping to make one of these work under Rosetta 2.

However, whenever I install Matlab Runtime, I see the new folder in my Application folders but I do not see any Matlab application I can run (except my 2024b ARM version). I am sure I do something odd, but I am blind in seeing this.

Should I uninstall my ARM version before installing the Intel one? I have checked that I have Rosetta 2 installed on my device. I have not appended the paths to my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment as Matlab Runtime prompted after the end of the process.

Any hints?

People have managed to make PTB limp along on Matlab for Intel with Rosetta2.
Parallel installs of Intel and ARM Matlab’s do cause trouble with macOS broken security workflow for keyboard input, microphone and video camera access etc.

More news on future Apple Silicon support likely at the upcoming VSS 2024 satellite Monday 20th May in a week: