DAQ Device for EEG-Task experiment set up

I need a device that can send event markers generated by Matlab (Psych Toolbox) from the stimulus-presenting Windows laptop to the EEG device (Brain Vision Actichamp) through a USB port with high temporal accuracy.
Would USB-1208FS-Plus be a good choice? Any other options?

There have been multiple posts about this on the forum. The device you mentioned should work, according to previous post. However, I would strongly recommend our toy since it is very easy to use:

The extra thing you need is a cable connecting the RTBox to EEG interface, but this will be needed for any other options too, just different wiring.

We recently set up a system for simultaneous fMRI+EEG trigger system for BrainVision system.

Contact me if you are interested in RTBox.



USB-1208FS-Plus is not supported atm., USB-1208FS is. Wrt. USB-1208FS-Plus, see


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Xiangrui, thank you. Yes I am interested in exploring your solution. How do I contact you directly? sory I am new to this forum.

The Github document provides more information, as well as contact information.

Remark: Assuming the current hardware/firmware generation of Xiangrui’s RTBox still works with our own driver, PTB itself ships a very well integrated PsychRTBox() driver and PsychRTBoxDemo.m.

Also see our Wiki: Hardware · Psychtoolbox-3/Psychtoolbox-3 Wiki · GitHub
and FAQ · Psychtoolbox-3/Psychtoolbox-3 Wiki · GitHub

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