Can USB-1208FS-Plus be a substitute for USB-1208FS?


USB-1208FS is one of the DAQ devices compatible with PTB3, but there is also a device with a similar name, USB-1208FS-Plus.

If I try to control an external input device and a LED light emitter, is it okey to use USB-1208FS-Plus instead of USB-1208FS?

Or perhaps is it not possible to control USB-1208FS-Plus correctly with PBT3 functions?

I am currently designing an experimental environment in a hurry, but being a novice to PTB3, I am not sure of the correct device configuration.

If you give me some advice, it would be very helpful.

My environment
Ubuntu 18.04.4 64bit
Octave 4.2.2
Psychotoolbox 3.0.16


Almost certainly not. The devices are similar, but not identical. Additional work would be needed to enable the device in our Daq toolbox.

What exactly are your requirements?If it is just to send digital I/O out then perhaps something as simple as an Arduino would suffice? At least in MATLAB, the legacy hardware interface works well (not sure how Octave handles the class file used though)…

LabJacks are also Linux compatible and work without fuss (needs LoadLibrary, which I assume Octave supports?)

Thanks for your reply.

It is a pity that USB-1208FS-Plus cannot be used in place of USB-1208FS.


Thanks for your reply.

There are two things I want to accomplish.
(1) To emit LED with high time accuracy.
(2) To detect the pressing of an external switch button with high time accuracy.

Due to time accuracy limitations, we do not plan to use an Arduino.

I’m going to use Psychtoolbox’s DaqBlinkLED function to achieve (1).

Knowing that a friend of mine owns a USB-1208FS-Plus, I considered using this device instead of the USB-1208FS for my experiments.

However, it seems that my hopes are not fulfilled.



Due to time accuracy limitations, we do not plan to use an Arduino

But the arduino probably has as good a command-response latency as any other USB device. The USB-1208FS is not going to be significantly better I think (I haven’t tested it specifically, but the LabJack U6 and T4 are as fast as is possible given the limitations of USB and can reliably hit ~0.5ms latency, and the Arduino is only a bit worse than that).

Is the 1208FS not being sold any more?

It seems that USB-1208FS is hard to get in my country.
Following your excellent suggestion, I have decided to consider using Arduino.

Thank you very much.