USB-1208FS-Plus and DaqTest


I recently bought a USB-1208FS-Plus to send a TTL signal from my MacBook Pro (macOS Mojave) to a TMS Magstim device. I plug it in and run DaqTest (via Matlab 2020b), but it keeps saying that - “Sorry. Couldn’t find any USB-1208FS, -1408FS, or -1608FS boxes connected to your computer”. LED on the DAQ has a light, but it is not blinking at all. DaqFind function can’t recognize the DAQ as well with showing an error message - “Did not find a device, should I clear PsychHID and try again?”

Have tried the obvious:
quit restarted Matlab
rebooted computer

Previously I’ve used the same DAQ with a very old MacBook Pro (~ 2010’s model) and Matlab old version, and I didn’t have any problems using the DAQ.

Any suggestions?

As far as this thread goes:

the plus version is not compatible. Your options are to try to find the old model, or upgrade to a LabJack or Arduino to send the TTL triggers. My recent performance testing showed that using IOPort you can get excellent command-response times using a Seeduino Xiao: Serial port interface code -- a performance comparison

Agreed. Arduino is stupidly simple to incorporate and use!

Thank you @Ian-Max-Andolina

I returned USB-1208FS-Plus, and re-ordered USB-1208FS. I’ve tested and confirmed that USB-1208FS is compatible with PTB3 (using MacBook Pro). I literally have no ideas why USB-1208FS-Plus does not work with PTB3, but I’m glad USB-1208FS does work.

Because the 1208FS-Plus needs extra work to enable it. If somebody wants to spend money on that task, see my comments on this following GitHub issue for what can and can not be done with small amounts of money and user collaboration: