DrawDots size issue

I am not sure if it’s a bug, but

When I use the
Screen(‘DrawDots’, …) with size=1 and dot_type=4
The dot size actually is 3x3.
It seems it’s unable to have dots with size less than 3.

Try dot_type = 0 — this generates 1 pixel (as best I can tell) dots.

I can confirm with dot_type = 4 it looks like 2pixels are always added on — also if you enter size = 4 it uses 6 pixels, size = 6 it uses 8 pixels etc. Dot type 4 is a fast option and so this may just be a limitation of whatever tricks Mario uses to get this optimisation. And always remember if you enable OpenGL blending and/or anti aliasing these pixel sizes may not be accurate due to anti-aliasing.

Rationale: It helps anti-aliased “round dots” quality:


Ofc. for type 4 it should still draw properly sized dots, so this may be a bug.
Feel free to provide an authentication token for priority support (help PsychPaidSupportAndServices) and i’ll try to fix it for an upcoming beta release soon. Or file a bug report on our GitHub issue tracker with an exact description of the problem, symptoms, setup etc. etc. and i’ll look into it at some idle point in time in the future, maybe sometime next year. Or provide a well-tested high quality bug-fix yourself as GitHub pull request.