Generating vibration with DaqAOutScan. SetReport error


OS: Windows 10
Matlab version: 2021a
PTB version: 3.0.17 (beta).

I am trying to make a tactor via USB-1208FS vibrate. So far I was looping over an array using DaqAOut. This might not be the best way to generate the sound. DaqAOutScan might be more suitable. A similar topic was discussed before (USB1208FS DA Out for 180 Hz sinewave?), but using the example code gives me an error. In particular this line:

params = DaqAOutScan2(DaqIdx, vSine, options);

gives me the following error:

DaqAOutScan interface 1, SetReport error 0xFFFFFFFF. Incorrect function.: Incorrect function.

Any help appreciated!

Not clear to me why you wouldn’t use a sound card for generating sound? Also, performance of DAQ analog output seems to be quite limited, according to the help DaqAOutScan.

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Btw. PTB 3.0.17 is end of life and no longer supported, but i don’t think 3.0.18 would behave differently, given none of the relevant code has changed in years.


Thanks for your response. Yes, the wording sound is ambiguous (edited in the above question). I have a tactor connected to the 1208FS device and try to send it a sine wave. That is why I used used ‘DaqAOutScan’ instead of the sound card.

I updated to version 3.0.18. But you are right, the error still persists.