MAC OS PsychError_InvalidWindowRecord

hey I have
Psychtoolbox : 3.0.17 - Flavor: beta - Corresponds to SVN Revision 11387
macOs: Catlina 10.15.6
GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB
when I am running this line in matlab
window,white,black,screenXpixels,screenYpixels,xCenter,yCenter,ifi] = PsychInit();
I got this error
error: PsychError_InvalidWindowRecord
general description: An Invalid window record was referenced.
module name: Screen
subfunction call: WindowKind
file name: /Users/kleinerm/projects/OpenGLPsychtoolbox/Psychtoolbox-3/PsychSourceGL/Source/Common/Screen/WindowHelpers.c
function name: PsychCheckIfWindowRecordIsValid
line number: 61
please any help ?

PsychInit () is not a psychtoolbox function. Can you isolate the line in it (don’t send the whole function) that causes the crash?

Not enough information, but on the off chance that this is one of the Apple screwups that is worked around in the latest beta, UpdatePsychtoolbox and see if it helps - and let us know.