PhD Opportunity

Not sure if advertising a PhD is allowed on this list, but it might be of interest to some list members. Moderator: feel free to delete / bounce if this is not suitable for the list.

I have a PhD position available in my lab:

It is a fantastic PhD opportunity in my lab ( in the area of VR and Haptic Robotics. The project is joint funded by SeNSS ( and EUROfusion ( and will involve close partnership with RACE (, a world-leading robotics centre, attached to the Joint European Torus (JET: the Joint European Torus - Culham Centre for Fusion Energy).

It would be a unique opportunity for a technologically minded student to get an insight into research straddling the boundary between Perceptual Psychology and Engineering.

International applicants most welcome.

Please do not hesitate to put anyone interested in contact with me.


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