Priority support suspended until at least 10th January 2022

It’s the morning of christmas eve, hurray :christmas_tree:! No snow outside, but cold it is :cold_face:.

Service announcement:

Effective now, priority support for new cases is suspended during my sort of christmas downtime/vacation until at least Monday 10th of January 2022 for labs that already have an activated community membership with priority support. Labs which would purchase priority support after now will not get their keys activated until our sales person is back from a slightly longer vacation, so those should not expect any service from myself before likely 17th January 2022. We will also adjust the prices for priority support to a higher cost soon, because given how few labs so far voluntarily contributed to Psychtoolbox upkeep over the last year, this service is priced way too cheap to have a real positive impact on PTB’s sustainability and future :-1:. To those few labs that contributed, a big thank you :heart:!!!

Wish you a nice holiday time / new year transition and stay safe and healthy.