PsychPaidSupportAndServices() error

I’m very new to PTB and have run into a couple of problems with using PTB in Ubuntu, so I was trying to use the priority support. But after I typed PsychPaidSupportAndServices() in Octave, it didn’t recognize the function and returned an error “error: ‘PsychPaidSupportAndServices’ undefined near line 1 column 1”.

The PTB is definitely installed on my computer – I can run functions like Screen() or PsychtoolboxVersion(). Any idea why PsychPaidSupportAndServices() is undefined, and how can I fix that? My PTB version is 3.0.16 and my Ubuntu version is 20.04. I think I installed it using NeuroDebian, but I’m not completely sure. Thank you!

The function was introduced with PTB 3.0.17 only, and for support you’d need PTB by now. Manual download link for the function, and instructions: Psychtoolbox-3 - Priority Support