PsychPortAudio can output to >2 channels

Windows 10
Matlab 2022B
PsychtoolboxVersion : '3.0.18 - Flavor: beta - Corresponds to SVN Revision 13005

As I recall previously seeing a post or two relating to trying to work with more than 2 channels using PortAudio, I thought I’d post to say that I’m successfully working with 8 audio channels using a Creative SoundBlaster X4 USB connected surround sound box on Windows 10 & 11 systems (one is a laptop which is nice for portability).

It has 4 stereo outputs that can each easily be split to left and right to give 8 channels and was easy to get working.

No noticable latency though I guess there may be more than on a dedicated sound card.

Warning, it didn’t work properly using the 2015-2022 redistributable libraries but works a treat with the 2015-2019 ones.

Also, make sure that you don’t enable surround sound in Windows (I assume this would cause problems)