Psychtoolbox on Windows 10, only worked for specific resolutions

This isn’t really a question, it is just for reference in case others who are testing/debugging their code on Windows 10 face the same problem I did.

Issue I had: The “Screen” function on Psychtoolbox, running on Windows 10, did nothing. No window appeared, not even to display the start up screen. This remained the case even when I selected a resolution from the list of supported resolutions, produced by calling “Screen(‘Resolutions’, screenNumber)”

Workaround: After experimenting I found Psychtoolbox worked for one specific resolution setting available to me. Specifically, a resolution of 1280x960. The scaling option available under Windows “Display settings” also had to be set to 125% for Psychtoolbox to run.

Of course, this may be a problem specific to my graphics card/computer, but just in case it is not I thought I would post for reference.

It is specific to your setup. Something is seriously broken with your Windows10 operating system or its display drivers.

If i were you i wouldn’t trust that setup for a second wrt. precise timing or stimulus reproduction.


Thanks Mario. Yep, I definitely agree regarding timing.