Temporary workaround for buying paid support memberships

Update: This issue has been resolved and our website is working with valid security certificates again, so webbrowsers should not prevent accessing the website normally.

Normally people would go through the psychtoolbox.net website for high level descriptions of our services and the support membership, as described in help PsychPaidSupportAndServices and other places.

However I realized this week that apparently somebody at our webhoster screwed up the security certificate for the website, so pretty much all web browsers would give a warning about a potentially fraudulent website at the moment!

Not sure when this happened, as it happened during my vacation. Our website is fine, it is just misconfigured to trigger these false alerts. I notified the responsible people and hope they will be fixing this soon, but for the moment one can use the direct product link in the Digistore 24 online shop, which is completely independent from our website and should hopefully be as secure to use, as Digistore 24 GmbH advertises:

Sorry for the hopefully temporary inconvenience,