Touchscreens with minimal touch-to-display latency

Hello PTB Community,

I’m designing a touchscreen task for NHP’s and I am wondering what touch-to-display latencies others have experienced with tasks built in PTB. I understand the delay to render the graphics and the type/extent of graphics to be rendered may contribute significantly to the touch-to-display latency, so if folks have measured the touch-acquisition latency and the touch-to-display latency separate, I would be curious to know either or both.

From looking over the forums, I’ve read that Surface Pro 6’s run well, but I would really like to know what the specific touch-to-display latencies are with that device (or newer Surface Pros, if anyone has tested those). I’ve also seen in the documentation for TouchInput that the RazerBlade 2016 gaming laptop had a latency as low as 16ms for reporting touches. This would seem to be on the very fast end of the spectrum, but unfortunately I can only consider touchscreen laptops that have the ability to fold the keyboard behind the screen (NHPs are not known for their gentle treatment of even the nicest hardware).

Thank you very much for your feedback!


The only comment I can make for free is that in general any modern USB connected touchscreen should work with our Linux and Windows touchscreen support, although I have only tested that RazerBlade 2016 and MS Surface Pro 6, so practice could in theory disagree with theory if you have a very unlucky pick of touchscreen model. So you don’t need to get a potentially more fragile laptop or such, you can just buy a suitable touchscreen and keep the rest of the PC safe from your subjects. Latency will likely be dominated by the touchscreen hw reporting latency, not rendering and display for typical stimuli. And choose Linux if timing matters, obviously.