Using 2 different stereomodes in the same experiment/display


I would like to use two different stereomodes at the same time.
[window, windowRect] = PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’,screenNumber,grey,,,,stereoMode);

Namely stereomodes 100 and 101. I have an experiment that would require the use of vertical and horizontal scanlines depending on the orientation of my stimulus. The stimuli orientations are randomly determined (4 orientations: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees).
Also, I only use one screen.

Is this possible? Does anyone have ideas?

Psychtoolbox 3.0.18 - Flavor: beta
Screen: Display++ LCD Monitor from Cambridge Research Systems.

Probably possible, but not necessarily without some hacks, or some enhancements to PTB. More context about the specifics of of your setup is needed. Why would horizontal vs. vertical change wrt. stimulus orientation, etc.? What stereo hardware do you use? Do you physically rotate the display monitor somehow between conditions to make a switch of stimulus stereo encoding neccessary?

Most importantly, please post your paid support authentication token for this, for up to 30 minutes of my work time to see what can be done. If a not super-trivial solution is needed, which would easily take more than 30 minutes of my time, you’d need to buy extra support hours per my instructions, but first things first.

PTB 3.0.18 is end of life, only the latest 3.0.19 release can get full support.