Virtual XDC2020 conference live-stream now active

Public service announcement:

For those interested in the Linux graphics-/input-/display- stack and the technology behind Psychtoolbox for Linux, this may be interesting.

The 2020 virtual X-Developers conference (XDC 2020) live-stream has just started. XDC will happen throughout the following 3 days (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Today’s live-stream, just started with an overview of the upcoming Vulkan driver for the Raspberry Pi 4:

Overview page over topics, schedule, live-streams and recordings:

Enjoy, i certainly will!

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Next up at 14.15 CEST: Microsoft “Windows Subsystem for Linux” graphics architecture design.

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Next up at 16.35: Application profiling on AMD graphics cards using tracing

Something for people who like to optimize their graphics code on Linux for AMD.

Now playing: Memory allocation constraints on gpu’s.

Mostly useful if you want to appreciate the complexity of different devices from different vendors working together, e.g., “why is Optimus etc. so hard?” - Only one aspect of it, memory management and buffer sharing.

Some 5-10 minute short-talks to round it off are happening now…

Live stream for today:

Now running: LitDip - Open drivers for open-source hardware like FPGA’s.

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Now running: The Libre Soc project – Building on open-source/open-hardware graphics card.

Now running: Something about the way we test graphics drivers on Linux.

And now: How to prevent gpu’s from melting, aka thermal/power-managment.
Maybe for those who want to appreciate why display timing/performance is often less deterministic than one would hope to.

And the 3rd and final day of XDC starts live-streaming in 1 minute.

Today it is a lot of talks about how graphics/display driver testing is done - or further improved - under Linux, to provide the superior experience that those people who already switched their Psychtoolbox to Linux are hopefully enjoying.




Cool, that seems very interesting. If i read right, there is nothing about automated on-hardware testing to see if results come out right, correct? Only the Weston thing (which is too late in the day for me sadly).
Cheers, enjoy!

All talks are also recorded and available on youtube at the end. As are the ones from the last couple of years.

The testing topic is a topic every XDC of the last couple of years, so there’s days of talks and discussions to watch, mailing lists to read etc.

It gets continuously refined. This is just the latest update…