XDC2021 conference live streams are now running

For those who want to get a glimpse in how the machine works under the hood: The XDC2021 (“XOrg Developers conference 2021”) virtual conference has just started. The X.Org Developers Conference (XDC) is the event for developers working on all things Open graphics (Linux kernel, Mesa, DRM, Wayland, X11, etc.). Iow. all the things that make Psychtoolbox so much better on Linux than on other operating systems.

Live streams of the main talks and main workshops are on Youtube:


Current stream for today:

The most interesting stuff related to PTB today is probably the 14.55 (UTC+2) talk about the reverse engineering efforts of the Apple M1 SoC and gpu by Allysa Rosenzweig:

and the talk afterward about the status of Linux OSS graphics on Chromebooks (15.45 UTC+2):

Enjoy if your are inclined, i certainly will.

Main track day 2:

Workshop on collaborative testing of Linux graphics and display (running now):

Live stream for the 3rd and last day:

Interesting stuff related to testing of the graphics and display stack:

13.15 (UTC+2) ie. in two minutes: “Improving the Linux display stack reliability”:

16.10: “Making bare-metal testing accessible to every developer”:

Various other interesting stuff in the timetable for today:


dear mario
thanks for sharing. i’ve tried to peek a bit, though my days are full of meetings.

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All of it is recorded - at least the main track and workshops, so available on YouTube afterwards under the same links. All slides also on the XDC site. Not the IRC chat logs though, which represent all the hallway chatter ofc., or the virtual meeting rooms etc.