XOrgConfCreator Ubuntu VPixx dual monitor not found on outdated/end-of-life Ubuntu 18.04

I would be grateful for some ideas on why my dual monitor setup is not being discovered by XOrgConfCreator

Environment: Linux Ubuntu 18 bionic, Psychtoolbox-3
Both monitors are connected to the same PCI-card and turned on. I can move with the mouse something from one monitor to the other one. Both have DVI-in but one is connected to a DVI socket and the other to a display-port socket on the same PCI card via a DVI>DP adaptor.

One monitor is a VPixx monitor that I would like to use for presenting stimuli to a subject, the other one should be reserved for the experimenter alone to control stimulus presentation. I tried to do so with XOrgConfCreator

but it reports:

Detecting type of primary display graphics card (GPU) and driver to use…
Nvidia GPU with proprietary driver detected. Primary display gpu type: nvidia
Uses the xf86-video-nvidia DDX video driver.
Found a total of 1 video output displays on 1 X-Screens.

Only a single active display connected, so obviously you want a single-display setup.

Ubuntu 18.04-LTS is end of life since almost a year, and no longer officially supported by PTB since ~2.5 years. Also, a not recommended NVidia gpu, where the proprietary driver is way less compatible with XOrgConfCreator than other open-source drivers or the nouveau OSS driver.

Maybe your NVidia driver is too old to play well with XOrgConfCreator. Maybe an OS upgrade to a modern supported version would help.

Maybe you can use NVidia’s GUI settings tool nvidia-settings to create a 2nd X-Screen and suitable config file, instead of using XOrgConfCreator.

Thank for your feedback Mario!

I will try for now another way of creating a 2nd X-screen. Your feedback on the OS version and GPU is much appreciated!