A simple job teaching how to make likert scale in an experiment

I’m new to PsychToolbox, and new to programming. I need to program a simple experiment, and have already programmed parts of it, but now I came to a point where I just don’t manage to get further. What I need is a person that can sit with me for some hours and answer some simple questions that I have, and guide me so I can complete my experiment. So what I wonder is if anyone here, or if anyone know someone who, could be interested in being paid for being my PsychToolbox teacher for a few hours?

I’m using Matlab R2022a Update 4.
The experiment is simply to show a set of images in random order, and obtaining answers on a simple question for each image in a 7-point likert scale.

By the way, I tried to go to paid support, but the link doesn’t work.