Configuration of MRI button box to record subject response

Dear community,
I am trying to record subject responses with a MR compatible Current Designs button box. The software I am using is PTB 3.0.18, MATLAB 2016b, and Windows 10.
I am using the KbCheck() function and have tried several device numbers as arguments in the KbCheck function including -1. Still, no response is recorded.
The button box is properly connected to the PC as it can write output into the console when buttons are pressed. It just seems that it is not recognized as an input device.

Any help is greatly appreaciated!

Hi Henrike,

Make sure to set your fORP box to “no auto-release” mode. Otherwise, when you press the button, the keypress is released automatically and quickly. The way that KbCheck() works is that it returns the keys that are down the instant it is called. You are just missing the keypresses because they happen so fast.


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Also, as I’ve answered the same/similar question as part of paid support to a Linux user just last night, find various better / higher precision ways of doing it under the following link:

Limitation is on Windows that regular keyboards (experimenter, subject) and such keyboard like response boxes can not be distinguished and treated separately due to MS-Windows operating system limitations.

Hey Keith, thanks so much that has solved the issue!