Error downloading psychtoolbox 3.0.11 in MatLab R2015b 32-bit Windows

Hello everyone! I am new to MatLab and psychtoolbox and am attempting to download psychtoolbox onto an old 32-bit Windows 7 computer. Here is what I have done so far. I would greatly appreciate any insight or help into solving this problem.

  1. Create path ‘C:\MyToolboxes\’ in file explorer
  2. Getting a hold of the correct Psychtoolbox file for R2015b 32-bit
  3. I then punched in the following code:


"Target revision: Psychtoolbox-3.0.11

Hmm, requested flavor is the unusual flavor: Psychtoolbox-3.0.11
Either you request something exotic, or you made a typo?
We will see. If you get an error, this might be the first thing to check.
Press any key to continue…
DownloadPsychtoolbox(‘C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’,‘Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’,‘Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’, 0, 1)
Requested flavor is: Psychtoolbox-3.0.11
Requested location for the Psychtoolbox folder is inside: C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11
Using optimal client for subversion checkout.

Good. Your privileges suffice for the requested installation into folder C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11.

Hmm. You already have an old Psychtoolbox folder:
That old Psychtoolbox should be removed before we install a new one.
First we remove all references to “Psychtoolbox” from the MATLAB / OCTAVE path.
Now we delete “Psychtoolbox” itself.

Your old Psychtoolbox appears in the MATLAB / OCTAVE path:
Your old Psychtoolbox appears 997 times in the MATLAB / OCTAVE path.
You didn’t say “yes”, so I’m taking it as no.

I will now download the latest Psychtoolbox for Windows.
Requested flavor is: Psychtoolbox-3.0.11
Target folder for installation: C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11
Error using DownloadPsychtoolbox>svndownload (line 815)
Invalid ‘targetRevision’ parameter ‘Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’ specified. Not a valid
revision spec!

Error in DownloadPsychtoolbox (line 736)
svndownload(targetRevision, dflavor, p, downloadmethod);"

I messed around a bunch trying to figure out different combinations but none were successful. Let me know if you guys have encountered this problem in the past.

you shouldn’t run downloadpsychtoolbox, but setuppsychtoolbox in the folder that you unzipped


For anyone wondering how to do it, I have attached what I did:

  1. Create path ‘C:\MyToolboxes\’ in file explorer
  2. Getting a hold of the correct Psychtoolbox file for R2015b 32-bit
    1. SetupPsychtoolbox is no longer supported in 32-bit Windows Matlab?
    2. Psychtoolbox 3.0.11 file:
    3. Extract the zipped Psychtoolbox-3.0.11 file into C:\MyToolboxes
    4. Change file name to ‘Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’
  3. Downloading Psychtoolbox for R2015b 32-bit
    1. DownloadPsychtoolbox(‘C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’,’Psychtoolbox-3.0.11’)
  4. Restart Matlab after it finishes downloading
  5. type - C:\MyToolboxes\Psychtoolbox-3.0.11\Psychtoolbox\SetupPsychtoolbox.m
  6. SetupPsychtoolbox

  7. Type ‘no’ when asked to delete paths
  8. Shall I delete all those instances from MATLAB/OCTAVE path? Type ‘yes’
  9. “*** Matlab’s Static Java classpath definition file modified. You will have to restart Matlab to enable use of the new Java components. ***” Press RETURN or ENTER to confirm you read and understood the above message. Hit ‘ENTER’
  10. It will give you a message that says “Done with post-installation. Psychtoolbox is ready for use.”

All you needed was steps 1 and 3, with the DownloadPsychtoolbox file from our website. Everything else was just you creating busywork for yourself.

Or 1, 2 and 6 if you decided to download the zip file instead, for a download that is much larger.