Error using DrawFormattedText2

Hi, I’m running the DrawFormattedText2Demo and I get this error:

Error using DrawFormattedText2 (line 273)
DrawFormattedText2 only works with the FTGL based text drawing plugin, but this plugin is not selected activated with Screen(‘Preference’,‘TextRenderer’,1), or did not load correctly. See help DrawTextPlugin for more information.

Haven’t done any changes and can’t find what is missing or how can I install only the FTGL plugin?
any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you,

A first thing to test is to read the info in help GStreamer and make
sure you have installed exactly the right version of gstreamer.
restart after you’ve installed it.

As Diederick said, GStreamer 1.18.5 is currently needed on MS-Windows, earlier versions than 1.18.0 or later versions like 1.20.x won’t work atm. with current PTB 3.0.18, likely until PTB 3.0.19 will be released sometime this year. This due to GStreamer bugs in the latest 1.20.x Windows versions.

Other troubleshooting tips in help DrawTextPlugin as the error message already told you. These apply to all operating systems.