IOPort device compatibility


I intend to use PTB’s IOPort function to send and receive signals to and from another machine. I understand there are several possible compatible devices (thankfully reviewed clearly on the PTB wiki) but have a couple of questions before purchasing.

  1. I prefer LabJack U12 over U3, U6 or T4 for its DB25 port (so avoiding single wire pin-out for my interface) but U12 is not mentioned in the supported devices. Is Labjack U12 supported and usable with IOPort?

  2. I have an MCC USB1208FS-Plus device, which I know is not supported with IOPort. However, MCC now only seem to produce ‘-Plus’ varieties of their DAQs and I cannot source non-‘Plus’ varieties (at least in the UK). I was wondering if anyone had made a workaround for ‘-Plus’ devices to work with IOPort?
    I note prior discussions elsewhere on this forum and elsewhere so I am asking more out of hope than expectation and I appreciate a solution may be timely and require paid support so not currently possible.

I’m using Psychtoolbox 3.0.19, Matlab 2021a on a Windows 7 and 10 machines.

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U12 - theoretically yes, but I haven’t seen anyone who made a translation layer from PTB to the U12. I originally chose the U3/U6 over the U12 because of the unified and open source exodriver, and that is what is covered in the wiki (the exodriver API was nice to work with). More recently I switched to the T4 as it has an even more compatible software layer and can also run Lua script asynchronously so is therefore more flexible; they have all been super reliable in multiple labs. The DB15 can still support 12bit strobed words which supports 4096 value communication, enough for most uses, but yes if you absolutely need 16bit you’d need to split out the 4 lines from the DB15 (you can do that with a custom cable, I did that from the FIO single pins before). Anyway the LabJack engineers are very helpful, so perhaps they can provide pointers to getting the U12 to work via MATLAB / IOPort…

For the MCC devices, Mario I’m sure could get them to work if anyone was willing to fund the work…

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