Posting guidelines

These are user-led forums (and most of us are busy doing our own research), so if you wish to stand the highest chance of getting a useful reply, please make sure you try to craft a clear descriptive post.

If you are new to Psychtoolbox, make sure to read the introductory PDF file in the PsychDocumentation folder. If you need an example on how to achieve specific tasks, please take a look at the demos in the PsychDemos folder. Peter Scarfe also has an excellent set of PTB tutorials available. You can read through the documentation: or type >> help Psychtoolbox to read the online help.

Please try to search first and find if similar questions have been asked before. If you still have a question, try to include all relevant information:

  • Output of >> PsychtoolboxVersion
  • Which platform (Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, …) AND which MATLAB/Octave version you are using?
  • A minimal code snippet that exhibits the issue you are having, please format the code with the preformatted text tool provided by the forum software, or use markdown fenced code blocks.
  • Warnings and Errors that were printed to the console (please read them carefully, they may contain advice on how to solve your problem!)
  • Hardware setup (GPU etc.) and relevant driver versions.

If the code snippet is long, you can attach it as text, or use an online code sharing tool like Gist.

The externally linked document »How To Ask Questions The Smart Way« also contains lots of good tips on how to behave on community-run support channels.

If you want to post a potential bug, the externally linked document »How To Report Bugs Effectively« is a great guide on how to report in an effective way. Please read it!

Thank you!