Screen will not open because the id is 115

I programmed the majority of my task on my own personal laptop ( MacOS) but ran into some issues with using keyboard responses ( kbwait, kbcheck, etc). Now I am trying to debug this on dual Dell Monitors, but the operating system is MacOS. I mention the monitors since I suspect this is causing the issues with PsychImaging. Here is the code and the the error given:

Screen(‘Preference’, ‘SkipSyncTests’, 1);
ptb.ScreenID = max(‘Screens’);
ptb.bgColour = [1 1 1];
ptb.rect = [120 50 900 600];
[, ptb.winRect] = PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’, ptb.ScreenID, ptb.bgColour, ptb.rect);
[ptb.xcenter, ptb.ycenter] = RectCenter(ptb.winRect);

Error using PsychImaging (line 1768)
Invalid screenId provided in ‘OpenWindow’ - no such screen 115 available.

Im not sure what it is that I can do so that screen id gets stored as 0 or 1

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max(‘Screens’) is not a PTB call, you’re missing Screen()

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Thanks! I ended up figuring this out too but I since I literally copied/pasted from my matlab/laptop it didnt make sense that it was not working.