Psychtoolbox on MacOs 14.5 Sonoma, matlab 2024a


I just tried to setup Psychtoolbox on matlab 2024a on a MacOS 14.5, Sonoma system. But I got this error: “Removing the quarantine flag from our mex files to workaround macOS brokeness failed! Error was: zsh:1: no matches found:”

Has anyone had this issue so far and been able to solve it?

The search function is a wonderful thing to avoid wasting time.

Thanks for your answer! I had already found this post. But as I wanted to ask under that post to see if the problem was still there or not, and that was not possible, I was forced to post something new! I would think that two posts on the same subject would be more helpful for others to realize that the issue is still there.

Did you watch the linked presentation by Celia? That should answer it, and the why. Also: