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Frans - you can of course get MATLAB to run again if you back out the upgrades (i.e., reinstall the system and prevent it from installing the security and QT upgrades). if I have some time in the next week or two I will try to test out the PTB on my macbook pro and let you know how it works on the tests.


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Subject: Re: Windows/Linux MATLAB/PTB on Intel Macs?

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That is another way of getting Windows or Linux to work on Intel-Macs, but why would

one want to do it,

I understood that ever since the last upgrades of mac osx (10.4.6?) even the -nojvm

option for running matlab under rosetta emulation broke.

See msgs 4466 and 4468.

So, no PTB on intel macs for the foreseeable future.

So, it may be worth looking into other options if your only mac is an intel mac.



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