ScreenTest error configuration

Hi all,

I am a beginner in psychtoolbox and I have follow all your tutorial steps to Download the toolbox. Once downloaded, I have tested the program with the command ScreenTest and this is what I have obtained:

>> ScreenTest

***** ScreenTest: Testing Screen 0 *****

PTB-INFO: This is Psychtoolbox-3 for Microsoft Windows, under Matlab (Version 3.0.8 - Build date: Sep 2 2010).
PTB-INFO: Type 'PsychtoolboxVersion' for more detailed version information.
PTB-INFO: Most parts of the Psychtoolbox distribution are licensed to you under terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
PTB-INFO: See file 'License.txt' in the Psychtoolbox root folder for the exact licensing conditions.

PTB-INFO: Will disable DWM because a regular fullscreen onscreen window is opened -> We want best timing and performance.
PTB-WARNING: Created onscreen window on screenid 0 will probably not be able to use GPU pageflipping for Screen('Flip')! May cause tearing artifacts...PTB-WARNING: Could not bind wglChoosePixelFormat - Extension. Some features will be unavailable, e.g., Anti-Aliasing and high precision framebuffers.
PTB-WARNING: Created onscreen window on screenid 0 will probably not be able to use GPU pageflipping for Screen('Flip')! May cause tearing artifacts...PTB-WARNING: Your graphics driver doesn't allow me to control if bufferswaps should be synchronized to the vertical retrace!
PTB-WARNING: This can cause massive stimulus timing problems, failure of the sync tests and calibrations and severe visual tearing artifacts!
PTB-WARNING: Please update your display graphics driver as soon as possible to fix this and make sure this functionality is not disabled in
PTB-WARNING: the display settings control panel of your graphics card.
PTB-WARNING: If everything else fails, you can usually manually enable synchronization to vertical retrace somewhere in the display settings
PTB-WARNING: control panel of your machine.

PTB-WARNING: Seems that Microsofts OpenGL software renderer is active! This will likely cause miserable
PTB-WARNING: performance, lack of functionality and severe timing and synchronization problems.
PTB-WARNING: Most likely you do not have native OpenGL vendor supplied drivers (ICD's) for your graphics hardware
PTB-WARNING: installed on your system.Many Windows machines (and especially Windows Vista) come without these preinstalled.
PTB-WARNING: Go to the webpage of your computer vendor or directly to the webpage of NVidia/AMD/ATI/3DLabs/Intel
PTB-WARNING: and make sure that you've download and install their latest driver for your graphics card.
PTB-WARNING: Other causes, after you've ruled out the above:
PTB-WARNING: Maybe you run at a too high display resolution, or the system is running out of ressources for some other reason.
PTB-WARNING: Another reason could be that you disabled hardware acceleration in the display settings panel: Make sure that
PTB-WARNING: in Display settings panel -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot -> The hardware acceleration slider is
PTB-WARNING: set to 'Full' (rightmost position).

PTB-WARNING: Actually..., it is pointless to continue with the software renderer, that will cause more trouble than good.
PTB-WARNING: I will abort now. Read the troubleshooting tips above to fix the problem. You can override this if you add the following
PTB-WARNING: command: Screen('Preference', 'Verbosity', 1); to get a functional, but close to useless window up and running.

??? Error using ==> Screen

Error in ==> ScreenTest at 15
w = Screen('OpenWindow',screen);

I am under the last version of Psychtoolbox (3.0.8 - Flavor: beta - Corresponds to SVN Revision 1804), my graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)and my computer is 64-bit Windows 7 running MATLAB 7.9.0 (R2009a)

Could somebody tell me what is going on and what I should do to fix this bug?

In anticipation, thanks a lot for your time.

Yours sincerily,

Diego Lozano