Synchronization failiure on a new PC

We replaced our experiments PC and since then have been getting Sync Errors from the VBSyncTest(). I tried to follow the suggestions on the website for failed sync tests, however the problem continues. The sync errors happens almost every time we try to run an experiment, all of which ran successfully on the old PC.

The new PC runs now on Windows 10 (instead of 7) using MATLAB 2022 (instead of 2014).
We use 2 screens set as duplicate (this was also done before) connected with DisplayPort cables.
The graphics card on our new computer is AMD Radeon RX 6600.

any ideas for specific tests to run or what could be the problem?


Hmm. Mirror-Mode/Clone-Mode (if that is what you mean by “duplicate”) is generally a timing troublemaker on many (most? all?) systems, and Windows 10 is more fragile wrt. multi-display than Windows-7 was, due to changes in the display system design. I thought, but don’t remember if mirror mode was also already a troublemaker on Windows-7. This is all described in our ‘help SyncTrouble’.

Conceivable that there is no good solution for this on Windows-10, apart from using it as a single display setup with the subjects stimulation display only.

My only free recommendation would be to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 22.04-LTS if possible, which should have the most well working timing in general, and also some new features which may make mirror mode work better or workable for some setups, at least if the main stimulus display either has the same or higher resolution as/than the secondary “mirror” display for the experimenter.

If you need up to 30 minutes of further paid advice → help PsychPaidSupportAndServices. No guarantee for a resolution on Windows though, chances are better on Linux.


Thank you for your answer, we will try using Ubuntu.

Good! That should increase chances of getting it working considerably. I’d recommend your lab already buying a support membership (help PsychPaidSupportAndServices) unless you already have one, as any further setup advice for mirror mode will require that.