Toolboxes for Tobii and SMI eye trackers

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Me an my colleague Marcus Nyström have written MATLAB/PsychToolbox and Python/PsychoPy toolboxes for using SMI and Tobii eye trackers. For PsychToolbox, have a look here:
- Tobii toolbox supporting MATLAB and Octave on Windows and Linux
- SMI toolbox, Windows and MATLAB only (as SMI SDK is windows only).

The respective Python/PsychoPy links are:

A paper for the Tobii toolbox is in the works, for the SMI toolbox, see here:

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As an early adopter, can I just say this toolbox is wonderful. It provides substantially more functionality than the Tobii Pro SDK for MATLAB. For example, you can peek for eye data at any time point without losing any data samples, making gaze contingent paradigms where saved data fidelity is essential easy. Works well on Windows and Linux.

In addition is has the most amazing calibration GUI! I had never thought that PTB could have made floating information windows and GUI buttons that are both mouse and keyboard accessible work so well. You can perform several calibrations, then select among them, with all the statistics visualised. Here is a screenshot :

Thanks so much Dee for a fantastic toolbox for all Tobii users.


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Thanks Ian and thanks for your very useful feedback! All the best, Dee

Just to mention that the paper on the Tobii eyetracker MATLAB toolbox is now “officially” published:

Niehorster D.C., Andersson R. & Nyström M., (2020). Titta: A toolbox for creating Psychtoolbox and Psychopy experiments with Tobii eye trackers. Behavior Research Methods. doi: 10.3758/s13428-020-01358-8

:+1: Thanks Dee!