Touch Screen Issue

I’m using Beetronics touch monitor for an experiment that I’m doing using Windows 10, on Matlab. My code is ideally supposed to detect a touch on the screen and a dot should appear where the screen was touched. But unfortunately it’s not detecting the touch. A touch is registered when the screen is double tapped or scrolled, not with a single touch. The screen works fine when not using the toolbox and I coded it on my laptop using the mouse clicks and it works fine there. Could someone please help me? I will post a snippet of my code here.

 % Draw the background
    Screen('FillRect', window, [255 255 255]);
    Screen('Flip', window);
    % Wait for touch screen

    % Draw the dot
    Screen('DrawDots', window, [xCenter + dotLocation(1) yCenter + dotLocation(2)], ...
        10, [0 0 0], [], 2);
    Screen('Flip', window);
    % Wait for 2 seconds

Since it’s a training code. I do not need the code to save any details of touch, but just detect the touch and move on.
Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

GetClicks is for mouse, not touchscreen interfacing… Have you tried to run the various demos for touch, like MultiTouchMinimalDemo — they demonstrate how to interface with touch devices, select devices etc.

As usual, your experience will be much better under Linux, the same touch screen hardware (I’ve test many different types of screens) works much more reliably than under Windows (as will the rest of PTB)…

Hey, that was a great suggestion and help and we were able to fix the issue. Thank you so much.:slight_smile: