Windows 10, Stereomode=1 seems to only open one screen in StereoDrawBuffer

Hello, I come back to this forum every few years with different difficulties with getting the obsolete NVIDIA 3DVision active shutter glasses to work with whatever latest setup I have, I’m sorry.
Quadro K2000D single display Windows 10 machine connected to Nvidia 3d Vision enabled monitor (BenQ XL2411P) via DVI-DL, PTB 3.0.14, GStreamer 1.0, MATLAB R2012b, NVIDIA 3D Vision IR emitter.

Running StereoDemo(1) or ImagingStereoDemo(1) or (1,0,0,1), I only get the stimulus image to one eye. For the other eye, I just see the MATLAB command window. So both eyes open, I see the stimulus overlaid over the command window. When I run other dichoptic programs I’ve previously coded (and gotten working on other systems using the same graphics card), same deal - only stuff coded to Screen(‘SelectStereoDrawBuffer’,windowPtr,1) is visible through the active shutters. I don’t see the stuff that is coded to Screen('SelectStereoDrawBuffer,windowPtr,0), only the MATLAB command window. When I call Screen(‘Screens’) it returns 0.

I don’t get any errors other than the usual DWM Desktop compositor one. But it failing to show one of the draw spaces to flip between is a total new one on me. Anyone else had odd behaviour with stereomode=1 in Windows 10? I’m wondering if I should roll back to Windows 7…

Obviously upgrading various PTB, Matlab, GStreamer etc versions are an option but this is a standalone PC with no network card so would value info on whether that is actually worthwhile before doing so. Previously my issues have usually been settings-related.

Thanks a lot,
(Previous thread about 3DVision: NVIDIA 3DVision, PTB vbl sync Thanks again Mario for responding in previous years)

Sounds almost certainly like a NVidia display driver bug, or Windows-10 issue, so upgrading or downgrading the graphics driver or OS would be the only solution likely to work.



Thanks, will report back!

Hi just reporting back as promised.

I rolled back to Windows 7 and installed some different drivers. I am using the NVIDIA 3D Vision USB IR emitter and turns out it’s vital to make sure that the USB emitter driver version is compatible with the 3DVision driver version. Otherwise the emitter shows a blue light (I’ve never seen that before so it was quite perplexing and took a lot of searching to figure out). The driver version I used which worked was Release branch 418 - this is the last release in which the USB emitter driver is bundled together with the driver version. Starting from driver branch 430 onwards, the USB emitter drivers were decoupled from the graphics driver.

The link to the Windows 7 installation version of driver branch 418 (Version 425.31): GeForce Game Ready Driver | 425.31 | Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit | NVIDIA

After installing this and ensuring Windows display settings are set to prefer maximum performance, and correct settings in NVIDIA Control Panel (I’ll post some screenshots when I have access to the PC), when you boot a PTB program that uses 3DVision you will get a sync failure the first time after launching MATLAB (cos the first run of the program wakes up the emitter but it doesn’t start working quickly enough for PTB to be happy continuing, it seems), but after that it all works fine!

Next goal is to try and update my PTB version and hope it doesn’t break everything…